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Furnace Tune-Ups

De Motte, IN

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Why do you need to regularly tune up your Furnace?

The main reason is to keep it running properly. If your furnace isn't working properly, chances are it's not heating your home correctly, or at all. You could be losing out on money by heating your home inefficiently -- not to mention the fact that a poorly functioning furnace can be a safety hazard.<

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Why tune up your furnace? Protecting your investment. The average life of a furnace is around 16 years. It's a major purchase and a major investment. Furnaces have built-in operating costs, but they also have operating costs you can control. Furnaces use a lot of energy so the less you use it, the more money you save on your utility bill.

Tune up typically occurs once a year when you notice the heating and cooling is not working as well as it used to. However, if you have a system that is more than 15 years old, it is recommended you call a professional to have it inspected and tuned up once every couple of years. This will ensure that your system is running efficiently and that you are not using any more energy than necessary.

Before turning up the heat in your home for fall, it’s important to make sure your furnace is running smoothly. Even a minor hiccup can lead to a major problem if not addressed early on. Luckily, Krooswyk Plumbing Heating and Air in De Mott, IN provides Comfort Club members with affordable furnace maintenance plans, so you can rest easy knowing your system is working its hardest.

Krooswyk Plumbing Heating and Air has been tuning up furnaces since 1988. We are experts in furnaces we have been installing and servicing furnaces for years. If you have a question about your furnace give us a call. We specialize in furnaces, but we also do a wide variety of other plumbing, heating and cooling work. We really enjoy helping our customers stay comfortable all year around, whether it’s heating or cooling or any other type of job like water heater repair or installation, sewer lines, etc.

There are other companies in the market who may claim to offer the same level of quality service at a lower price. As a locally owned business you can trust that we will always stand behind our work and provide 100% customer satisfaction on every job.

Count on our licensed and insured heating professional to always get the job done on schedule, right, and at a price that makes sense for your family.

What You Can Expect on a Furnace Tune-Up Visit

  • Inspection: When we arrive, we will carefully inspect your gas furnace before noting its condition.
  • Cleaning: If you have a replaceable furnace filter we'll change it. If you have an electronic air cleaner or other IAQ systems we'll inspect it and clean the airstream components as needed. We'll also clean the furnace blower and control compartment.
  • Lubrication: We will lubricate the moving parts to reduce friction and prevent noise
  • Check Ignition System: The technician will inspect and clean the pilot light assembly or ignition system, as needed.
  • Gas Pressure and Burner: Verify proper gas pressure, inspect and clean the burners.
  • Blower: We will inspect and clean the air blower, if required. We will check the amperage for the fan motor to ensure its condition is in good shape.
  • Heat Exchanger: Examine heat exchanger in gas furnace for cracks, soot, and corrosion.
  • Venting System:Inspect the flues and ventilation systems to ensure proper operation. If you have a condensing furnace, we will check the condensation drains and any condensation pumps.
  • Ductwork: Check ductwork for loose joints or hangers, and seal with mastic duct sealant as needed.
  • Temperature Controls: We'll check you thermostats for proper operation. If they utilize batteries for power, we'll change the batteries.
  • Complete After Maintenance System Test: We'll test run your gas furnace for several minutes. We'll check for proper temperature rise, blower operation, and burner operation.

  • Clean-up: We'll pick-up our tools, remove any old filters, and thoroughly clean our workspace.
  • Prepare Visit Report: We'll explain our work and document any potential problems or recommended repairs.